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Smith Journal


Do you get a kick from reading about thinkers, makers and adventurers? What about weird science, offbeat history and ingenious design? Smith Journal is a quarterly, Australian-based magazine that takes unexpected, interesting, funny and sometimes complicated stories and tells them the way you would to a bunch of friends at the pub. Bonus: it looks pretty nice, too.


What's inside this issue?

Vol 23


Inside this issue you’ll find a blacksmith bringing mystical Viking swords back from the dead, learn how to make a skyscraper disappear (without blowing it up), meet some World War II survivors who all have stories to tell, and look back at Fantômas, the archetype for pretty much every pop culture bad guy since 1913.

Curious about what NASA has in common with black magic? The answer is surprisingly spooky. As is a bunch of winged insects that can suck blood and hypnotise bees. Or an element that scientists love but can never touch. (They’re all in volume 23, too.)

Oh, and those masked men on the cover? They were inspired by Johnny Idol, New Zealand’s first professional Mexican wrestler. He says success in the ring is as much about crafting the perfect costume as it is about pummelling your opponents. We’ll take his word for it.

We talk with comedian Ronny Chieng about his love for Tom Hanks and basketball, meet a secretive hacker collective that fixes clocks under cover of dark, learn about the army of rats making the world a safer place, and come to terms with the fact that in the original film novelisation of Star Wars, Yoda was blue.

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Frequency: 4 issues/year 
Country of Origin: Australia 
Product Type: Magazine
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