A playful graphic design, craft and illustration title, Uppercase is thoroughly entranced by the whimsical, the decorative, the charming and the sublime. The ultimate magazine for the creative and the curious, each issue of Uppercase is printed on high-quality matte paper stock and features a detailed exploration of examples of design ingenuity, exhibiting an affinity for vintage ephemera and a love of novel typography.

Product Type: Magazine - 4 issues/year
Country of Origin: Canada

  Subscriptions AUD NZD Rest of World (AUD)  
  6 months $59.71
  12 months $111.03
$157.97 (Conversions)
  24 months $215.35
$307.05 (Conversions)
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  • Melitza Liu's review on UPPERCASE
    Date: 26/02/2010

    This is one of the only magazines that I have read cover to cover and keep referring back to for inspiration and ideas! I love it!

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