Sneaker Freaker


Melbourne-produced rag Sneaker Freaker captures the global footwear phenomenon in a quirky explosion of canvas, rubber and loving close-ups of all things sneaker.

Custom, vintage, skate, performance and girly kicks are all featured and ready for swiping on the Visa Debit (beware of the massive product reviews and buyers guides), alongside interviews with international sneaker designers to keep you entertained while you wait for your express delivery of sneaker goodness.

Product Alert: Please note that all copies of the current issue have now sold out.

Product Type: Magazine - 2 issues/year
Country of Origin: Australia

  Subscriptions AUD NZD Rest of World (AUD)  
  12 months $26.00
$41.00 (Conversions)
  24 months $50.80
$80.80 (Conversions)
  Buy current issue $14.50 $18.50 $22.00 (Conversions)
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