Oyster is a large-format glossy fashion and culture biannual published in Australia with since 1994. Filled with a unique brand of in-depth articles and globally renowned fashion and beauty editorials, the title has been leading the way for over twenty years.

Issue #107 is for the romantics out there, with double covers that reinterpret the theme of romance in a modern context, shot by Alex Olson and styled by Stevie Dance. Inside you'll find Kiersey Clemons, the star of Cannes favourite Dope and the critically acclaimed TV show Transparent; mega-talented rappers Mick Jenkins (Chicago) and Rejjie Snow (Dublin); good pals Dev Hynes and Julian Casablancas in conversation; Brisbane producer UV boi; Australian designers Romance Was Born on their collaboration with legendary artist Linda Jackson; and a whole lot more.

Product Type: Magazine - 2 issues/year
Country of Origin: Australia

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  • Aleisha Robinson's review on Oyster
    Date: 02/02/2011

    I love Oyster, in all its glossy greatness. The photography is fantastic, you get heaps in it considering its price and the fashion never lets me down! xx

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