Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes - or behind the screens - of the websites, apps and digital products that we use on a daily basis? Offscreen introduces us to the people behind the bits and pixels, focusing on the lives and work of digital creators with extended interviews that uncover how they structure their days, what they lug around in their bags, what inspires them and how they view their personal ambitions and experiences with success. Offscreen is produced in Melbourne and printed in Germany on 100% recycled matte stock.

Product Type: Magazine - 4 issues/year
Country of Origin: Australia

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  • Cassie Lions's review on Offscreen
    Date: 03/04/2012

    Offsreen is an amaing magazine about the people behind the screen. As a person who doesn't know what CSS or even RSS stands for, I found this magazine quiet interesting. The interviews are intriguing and there are loads of awesome things these guys are creating. Their not as geeky as some may think. A MUST READ for the web nerd and a great read for the rest of us.

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