Monster Children Issue 47

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Monster Children is an edgy Sydney-based publication that takes a refreshingly casual, reliably hilarious and occasionally smart-arsed look at various aspects of street style and popular culture, featuring amazing photography and interviews with a truly intriguing cast of characters. Monster Children has skating, surfing, filmmaking and music covered, and also publishes a totally gnarly photographic annual that definitely deserves a place on your bookshelf.

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Country of Origin: Australia

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What other members think of this title...

  • Zo Gay's review on Monster Children
    Date: 03/03/2011

    Brilliant magazine! Nuf said.

  • Samantha Lee's review on MONSTER CHILDREN
    Date: 13/04/2010

    the front cover sums up the mag completely; badass, questionable and damn cool.

  • Vanessa Jones's review on MONSTER CHILDREN
    Date: 29/10/2009

    One of the hottest things to come out of Sydney to date. This mag is raw, edgy, creative and unique. Always fresh inspiration for creatives and a good old read for your average Aussie.

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