Lucky Peach


Lucky Peach is a quarterly food journal founded by Momofuku's David Chang, one of the most intriguing and successful chefs of our time. Each quarterly issue of the journal explores a single theme through essays, art, photography and recipes with regular contributions from Chang and his acerbic cohort Anthony Bourdain.

Published by San Franciscan hip lip publishers McSweeny's, Lucky Peach takes a vibrant and at times hilarious look at food culture with an artistic approach that makes it the most interesting and entertaining food read around. Much like Chang's cooking, each issue is meticulously constructed and brilliantly executed.

Product Type: Magazine - 4 issues/year
Country of Origin: US
Categories: FOOD & WINE / GOURMET

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  • Tali Zam's review on Lucky Peach
    Date: 19/08/2011

    A great mag! Each edition is centered around a theme. The first edition was about Japan, and Ramen. Full of interesting articles about the history, the culture and overall experience of the food. There are also great recipes and in this particular edition 25 ways with eggs! The really neat thing about this mag is the way they layout many of the articles and recipes, in an info-graphic way, which makes it fun. A very interesting and informative read.

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