Jalouse is French style, celeb and glam with cutesy grunge and gritty photography. Be it the most beautiful celebs in black-and-white spreads or upcoming artists and journos, an electic and ever-changing bunch get page space to show off their avant-garde wares. Informing as well as entertaining, Jalouse is a sexy gem of a fashion/lifestyle publication. For uber chic-ettes and designers who need their inspiration fix. (With French text)

Product Type: Magazine - 10 issues/year
Country of Origin: France

  Subscriptions AUD NZD Rest of World (AUD)  
  6 months $103.01
$140.51 (Conversions)
  12 months $197.55
$272.55 (Conversions)
  24 months $388.32
$538.32 (Conversions)
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  • barbara amaral's review on JALOUSE
    Date: 11/03/2009

    just thank you

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