Frankie is the thinking girl's guide to everything that's good in the worlds of fashion, craft, music, film, illustration and pretty much anything else worth checking out. An adorable Australian title that continues to flourish thanks to a fiercely loyal readership, Frankie was crowned both Australian Magazine of the Year and Australian Fashion Magazine of the Year at the 2012 Australia Magazine Awards.

Product Type: Magazine - 6 issues/year
Country of Origin: Australia

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What other members think of this title...

  • Aleisha Robinson's review on Frankie
    Date: 02/02/2011

    Trish - I would have thought that too originally, but i went to a mate of mines place recently and he told me he buys it a fair bit, he said the articles are really good and relate to everyone! So buy one for your nephew and i recon he'll love it! Awesome mag! xx

  • Trish Murray's review on Frankie
    Date: 13/12/2010

    Is this really only for girls? I saw an edition recently and thought my nephew might like it as he is into fashion but I don't want to get it for him if it will make him think that I think that he is a girl! Any comments from converted readers?

  • Kiri Hughes's review on FRANKIE
    Date: 19/10/2010

    LOVE Frankie magazine! One of the only mags out there that really speaks to you - almost like a friend! The design and layout is fabulous and it's always full of great photography

  • Ramira Perez's review on FRANKIE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION
    Date: 29/09/2010

    Frankie is the absolute best magazine around. Love this shit.

  • Alyce Cowell's review on FRANKIE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION
    Date: 10/09/2010

    Despite winning a $50 voucher in a raffle and paying for my Frankie subscription with it, I can honestly say that even if I didn't win, I would totally use my own money to buy it. Frankie has always been one of my fave mags - I love that it is a little off centre, a lot more creative and a lot less likely to scream "How to fake an orgasm 73409235 ways". Being a writer myself, the writing style and humour is better than any other mag on the market. As for the stories, the reviews are the BEST! I also love the cute shopping ideas at the front of the mag. My favourite mag sold to me by my favourite store.... SIGH!

  • Bryce M's review on FRANKIE
    Date: 16/03/2010

    Frankie offers a refreshing look at fashion, music, food and a broad variety of other read-worthy topics in a clever and thoughtful way. With a real vintage/up-cycle spin, it will enlighten most readers (both of the female and the male persuasions) and invites them to find their nearest creative bandwagon and promptly get on it. One of the few magazines I actually read front to back.

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