Modestly describing itself as 'an everyday life and interiors magazine,' Apartamento is simultaneously the least pretentious and most interesting interior design magazine around, depicting the home lives of remarkable people in a completely uncontrived manner. Published in Spain but printed with English text, Apartamento is a beautifully produced small-format biannual. In the words of founder Marco Velardi, Apartamento 'will not show tidy interiors because they do not exist outside your mother's imagination,' how could you not love that sentiment?

Product Type: Magazine - 2 issues/year
Country of Origin: Spain

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  • jennifer Engel's review on APARTAMENTO
    Date: 11/12/2009

    Apartamento is the best interiors magazine ever. Although published in Spain, this magazine is written entirely in english. It has become a great resource and reference. All the location's pimples and warts are photographed with love and affection. The articles cover locations as they are used. There is no stylist cleaning up and adding art books.

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